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Alone, with nowhere to go, and with no money; he is intrigued by an offer to appear in a 'film.' Riley's life is about to become very, very, kinky.Mb – cons oral anal (implied) 3,250 words (6½ pages) Link to story Chris finally gives into his desires and uses his position as a child photographer to seduce young boys.After months alone on the road, Cole finds himself at the ocean, and at a beachside community that will change his life.

It also includes several stories written by others in the universe created by Sid Gittler.

mast oral anal – interr 58,000 words (116 pages) Links to chapters: 1-9 10-19 An exploration of a man attracted to prepubescent boys and his developing relationship with one boy in particular, his own nephew.

There he meets Daniel Jorgensen, age 14, and falls in love.

Arkansas Vacation is the story of Marc, Daniel, their friends and Daniel's family.

Mt – cons mast oral anal – bond 6,500 words (13 pages) Link to story A wealthy and powerful man comes to the orphanage where a straight thirteen-year-old boy has given up hope of ever being adopted.