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It is still a good idea to add the language-specific resources early in the development cycle, optionally populating with machine-translated text to help test the localization code.

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Simple examples include: The general pattern is to use two-letter language codes, but there are some examples (such as Chinese) where a different format is used, and other examples (such as Brazilian Portuguese) where a four character locale identifier is required. You can force a specific language to be loaded by setting the class – can also be used to implement a language-selector inside your app (rather than using the device's locale).

These language-specific resources files require a .partial class so they can be added as regular XML files, with the Build Action: Embedded Resource set. The following code snippet is useful when trying to debug issues with embedded resources (such as RESX files). Assembly; // "Embedded Images" should be a class in your app foreach (var res in assembly.

Language-specific resource files must follow a specific naming convention: use the same filename as the base resources file (eg. Add Button; The user interface on i OS, Android, and the Windows platforms renders as you'd expect, except now it's possible to translate the app into multiple languages because the text is being loaded from a resource rather than being hard-coded.

App Resources) followed by a period (.) and then the language code. Here is a screenshot showing the UI on each platform prior to translation: It can be tricky to switch the simulator or a device to different languages, particulary during development when you want to test different cultures quickly.

To load the correct resources to localize a Xamarin.

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