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Finch was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome in 2008 by his wife, a speech therapist.“I wasn’t born with the skills to be able to go with the flow,” Finch says.

“It’s important to know that those differences are there.”Wendy Katz, who works for a nonprofit in Louisville, Kentucky, met her ex-husband online, and after her divorce eight years later, she’s dating again.

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It might give them more of a chance.”When it comes to disclosing her diagnosis, Katz says she’s not embarrassed to tell people.“If people that are functioning pretty well don’t out themselves then people are going to think none of us are functioning very well,” Katz says.

“I’m trying to not be shy about it.”Hussein, though, has reservations about mentioning his condition to his potential prospects.“At the moment I don’t want to reveal that I have Asperger’s because some people who are already on Ok Cupid will think that ‘this person has a disability,’” he says.

“It helps them order their day, it helps them order their actions.”Characteristics of ASD include repetitive behaviors, communication difficulties like lack of eye contact, and coordination problems.

Some on the spectrum also lack a filter.“The one thing I am concerned about is,” Hussein says, “if I ask a girl something and the girl might get embarrassed.”A few days pass before Hussein is back on the site.“I’m researching girls,” he says, scrolling through rows and rows of women.

“I don’t look for perfect-looking girls, but I’m looking for a person who weighs the same as me and is not too tall or too short,” he says.

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