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You can also choose to only send messages to devices you have marked as trusted.

Once you add a new device, you will not be able to change its name and icon in the future. If you wish to change your avatar later, you can do so by opening the .

To view your devices at any time, simply open the Cryptocat comes with thirty-eight different animal avatars to help you express your individuality and give your account a personal touch! You may then see that your buddy Bob has a device called "Bob's laptop".

But how do you know that this is indeed Bob's laptop, and not some fake device added by a thief?

Here is how: you can call Bob on the phone or meet him in real life, and ask him to read you his fingerprints for his devices.

As such, we do not believe this to be a genuine solution that is worth the price of making regular users remember many passwords for a single account. Before you can chat with a friend on Cryptocat, you must first send them a buddy request, or accept a buddy request that they send you.